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Please follow these helpful hints to make your lawn the best it can be.

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Think Spring 2019

Category : Now's the time...

Time to start thinking about your first crabgrass application! Click here for a free estimate.

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New for 2018

You can now access your account online. Click “Manage Account” at the top of this page to set up.

1) You can set up prepay, Auto Pay, or add new services ; Also View Account statements

2) Mosquito Guard (perimeter control) get a free qoute online or call

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Prepay and Renewal Season

Call Or Receive and estimate online in order to take advantage of our prepay offer.

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Keep at it!

The recent rains have made your grass grow and grow and grow. And you have to mow and mow and mow. Keep after it. The end is near. Make sure to mow enough so that you can follow the 1/3 rule — try not to cut off more than 1/3 of the height of your grass blades.

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Mid April: Fix The Bald Spots

It is warm enough now for grass seed to germinate. Some of our new clients have some bald areas after killing off weeds last year. You can see me walking around with the Garden Weasel® scratching up the soil surface before putting down new seed.

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First Week of Feb 2018

Spring is right around the corner

Time to start thinking “Green”.  Call and Save 50% on your first visit. Ask about our “Mosquito Guard” applications.

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Category : Disease Damage

Learn more about sclerotia.

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Red Thread

Category : Disease Damage

Learn more about red thread.

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Snow Mold

Category : Disease Damage

Learn more about snow mold.

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Spring Disease on Your Lawn

Disease you might be seeing now:

Problem:  You may be seeing disease symptoms of snow mold or red thread on turf. Both diseases cause similar symptoms. Checking for sclerotia would confirm snow mold.  Snow mold and red thread can look similar in turf.

Solution:  There is no need to do anything for control. Turf will start growing and the symptoms will disappear. The first round of treatment will push new growth and help alleviate symptoms. A well balanced fertilizer program will help lesson damage to turf.