Mid April: Fix The Bald Spots

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Mid April: Fix The Bald Spots

It is warm enough now for grass seed to germinate. Some of our new clients have some bald areas after killing off weeds last year. You can see me walking around with the Garden Weasel® scratching up the soil surface before putting down new seed.

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Third Week Of February – Equipment Maintenance

This winter was an incredibly short, warm one.  It felt great after last winter — an incredibly long one. But, unfortunately, the weeds in your lawn kept growing through December and never took a New Year’s Day holiday.   It’s time to start thinking spring!

Here is what we are doing at GGL now:
• We are getting our equipment ready for the season.  Now is a good time for you to take your mower to get serviced.  Get those blades sharpened, oil changed and deck leveled.  If you’re in need of assistance we recommend Moyer’s Outdoor Power Equipment.