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Line Street, Lansdale, PA 19446


Complete Lawn Renovation

The discriminating owner is so glad he found someone that could finally make him happy with his lawn. We did a total lawn renovation. We killed off the entire yard and started from scratch.

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First Week of Feb 2018

Spring is right around the corner

Time to start thinking “Green”.  Call and Save 50% on your first visit. Ask about our “Mosquito Guard” applications.

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Category : Disease Damage

Learn more about sclerotia.

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Red Thread

Category : Disease Damage

Learn more about red thread.

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Snow Mold

Category : Disease Damage

Learn more about snow mold.

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Spring Disease on Your Lawn

Disease you might be seeing now:

Problem:  You may be seeing disease symptoms of snow mold or red thread on turf. Both diseases cause similar symptoms. Checking for sclerotia would confirm snow mold.  Snow mold and red thread can look similar in turf.

Solution:  There is no need to do anything for control. Turf will start growing and the symptoms will disappear. The first round of treatment will push new growth and help alleviate symptoms. A well balanced fertilizer program will help lesson damage to turf.

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Ask an Expert

Category : FAQ's

Please use this section of the website to ask a question for our lawn care experts. Just like in school, don’t be afraid to be the first one to ask. All of the other kids have the same questions and we can share our answers.

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First Week of March

Time to start thinking “Green” Montgomery and Bucks counties.  First round of fertilizer and crabgrass control is being applied.  Make sure you are doing a good spring clean up of debris from the lawn.  A light raking will  help to air out the lawn preventing matting and  spring disease activity.

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Green Grass Lawncare – Servicing Montgomery and Bucks County

Welcome to the new GGL4U website!  We hope to provide you with tons of useful information to help you take care of your southeastern Pennsylvania lawn and gardens.

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Third Week Of February – Equipment Maintenance

This winter was an incredibly short, warm one.  It felt great after last winter — an incredibly long one. But, unfortunately, the weeds in your lawn kept growing through December and never took a New Year’s Day holiday.   It’s time to start thinking spring!

Here is what we are doing at GGL now:
• We are getting our equipment ready for the season.  Now is a good time for you to take your mower to get serviced.  Get those blades sharpened, oil changed and deck leveled.  If you’re in need of assistance we recommend Moyer’s Outdoor Power Equipment.